About us

We are a company that works in the bakery business. At first we produced bread, pastry and biscuits. However, to fulfill our customers desires, Rialto started producing croutons, whole wheat biscuits and bread crumb.

Our team is recognized for their professionalism and dedication. Currently our brand selection is a reference of high quality products, which answers to every customer's special needs. Looking for successful national/international partnerships, Rialto carries his values of high quality healthy food production.

With capability to produce 10 tons of product daily and we exporting in over 15 countries, we are looking for intensifying our international strategy through exploring new markets and new challenges.

More than 25 years of experience in toasted products

Over the years we have consolidated know-how and became experts concerning to toasted products. Committed to provide the best products for our consumers/clients, we are allways looking forward to develop new and innovative products between values we have strengthen - Never Fried Products.

Quality Control

Certified by IFS Food with 98,95% score, we focus on food safety and quality of processes. Every year we focus on improving our Quality Control in order to provide better customers' satisfaction by reinforcing high-quality and safe products and implementing product value.

Private Label

With cooperation of our administrative, commercial, marketing and quality departments, we provide an excellent asset to your Private Label of any product.

We export over 50% of our production