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Biscottinas Tomate e Orégãos - A.A. Taste Awards 2021

A.A. Taste Awards 2021

29 March 2021

Our Biscottinas Tomato and Oregano were distinguished by the Anti Additive Clean Label Organization as a winner of 2 stars in the 'A.A. Taste Awards 2021 '.

This is a significant achievement that Rialto's team is proud of and maintains the motivation to achieve the goal of bringing the best product that we can offer to our clients and consumers.

In the past few months, the panel of judges has analyzed hundreds of restaurants and food producers in cities around the world,
including Thailand, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Holland, among others, thus distinguishing our Biscottinas Tomato and Oregano in the top 25% of product recommendation.

The Anti Additive Association is a non-profit organization that sets standards, certifies and labels to provide an additive-free food environment. A.A. also supports and facilitates the work of clean, anti-additive labels, concepts originating in the Netherlands and Europe.

According to data from the European Union, consumers are increasingly concerned with the ingredients of food products and with Clean Label marked on the products. Therefore, the A.A. Association is dedicated into building a more sustainable food system by removing food additives, such as flavor enhancers, food colors, preservatives and flour treatment agent.

Our Mission is perfectly aligned with the achievement of this recognition: providing a variety of high quality food products that contribute to a better life and a healthier diet to our consumers.

Biscottinas Tomate e Orégãos - A.A. Taste Awards 2021
Biscottinas Tomate e Orégãos - A.A. Taste Awards 2021
Biscottinas Tomate e Orégãos - A.A. Taste Awards 2021

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