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Salad of peas and shrimp

Salad of peas and shrimp

A simple salad we all know and love but we know that is not enough to replace a meal. That's why a shrimp salad with pasta and peas packed with protein, vitamins and fiber is undoubtedly the best for spring / summer lunches and dinners.

The special touch of this recipe are the garlic and parsley croutons that perfectly complete it giving the flavor of a delicious seasoning.

  • 4

  • 30 min.

  • difficulty

  • 1 Day

  • do not freeze



  1. Bake the batter in plenty of water seasoned with salt. Drain it, run it through running cold water and allow to drain and cool completely.
  2. Sprinkle shrimp with cold water and drain well. Wash the peas, cut the ends and remove the string.
  3. Reserve.
  4. Chop the onion to a frying pan, drizzle with olive oil and bring to the heat to brown. Add the shrimp and peas, season with salt and pepper and wrap well, stirring the skillet.
  5. Saute for two to three minutes and allow to cool.
  6. Wash the lettuce leaves, cut the cucumber to the slices and the strawberries into pieces.
  7. Do it now on the plates, layers alternating with lettuce, pasta, sautéed shrimp and peas, cucumber, cauliflower, strawberries and coriander leaves.
  8. Season to taste with salt, olive oil and vinegar and serve with garlic croutons and parsley q.b.


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